Oleg Skobelin, CFA. Department of investment and financial intermediaries, Bank of Russia.
Oleg started his professional career in 2007 as an investment analyst in real-estate company “ZNAK” where he was responsible for preparation of financial models, market research and evaluation of investment projects. Since 2009 Oleg worked as a Deputy Director of legal and foreign activities division at the Federal fund of compulsory health insurance (Russia) where he was in charge of international cooperation and performance evaluation of territorial branches.
In 2014 Oleg embraced an opportunity to join Bank of Russia where he pursues every possible endeavor to ensure solvency and legal compliance of non-state pension funds and asset management companies. These goals are achieved through due diligence of their core business functions, assets valuation, investment portfolio performance measurement and evaluation.
Oleg also leads a project on development of fiduciary responsibility framework for pension-funds transactions which helps to ensure that asset managers make trades with securities with best risk/return parameters. In 2009 Oleg graduated from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy (RANEPA). Three years later his academic progress was fortified by successful defense of a thesis for Candidate of Science degree.
In 2021 Oleg received CFA charter. His main fields of interest are securities valuation, portfolio management, corporate finance and performance evaluation. Besides striving for professional development Oleg is also dedicated to football, history, skiing and sailing.
Statement of Intent:
Contribute to the integrity of financial market in the current economic environment and assist to promotion of CFA community and CFA examination in Russia.

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