25 июня 2015 г.

Evening Conference 
on GIPS Standards Implementation in Russia 

June 25, 2015
19:00 - 21:30

Moscow Exchange
Ulitsa Vozdvizhenka, 4/7 - map



Opening Remarks

Neil Withers, CFA President, CFA Association Russia

Iain McAra, Director, Global Investment Performance Standards, EMEA, USA.
1. GIPS as best practice example in information disclosure and asset management business structuring.
  • What is it in simple terms?
  • Why use it (what’s in it for money manager and clients)? 
  • How popular is it in Developed Countries, Emerging Markets (Asia in particular)? 
  • Where is international money management industry moving (evolutionary process, latest trends). Are EM lagging, what is the gap? 
  • What is the usual trigger in EM to start using GIPS (what has been the reason for this in other EM)? 
  • Other topics.
Stephen Zhu, Director, Ashland Partners International Limited, USA
Sean Gilligan, Partner, Ashland Partners International Limited, USA

2.GIPS incorporation in the working process of the investment firm – difficulties, ways to do it. Verification.
  • What are the major hurdles in becoming a GIPS compliant firm?  
  • What costs are involved in becoming compliant?  
  • What should a firm consider in determining whether they should have their claim of GIPS compliance verified or not?  
  • How does the verification process work and how long does it take?
  • What resources are needed within the firm to become compliant and to maintain that claim of compliance? Who within the firm is typically involved in maintaining the GIPS compliance?
  • What areas of the world has Ashland seen growth in the number of firms claiming GIPS compliance and being verified and what was driving that growth?

Ashland Partners has provided GIPS compliance and verification services worldwide since 1992.

Alexander Rudyakov, Senior Associate, Law Firm "Yust"

3. Legal aspects of GIPS incorporation, quality control, fraud issues, local regulatory environment, unfair marketing.
Anton Ryzhikov, CIPM, Moscow, Russia

4. Practical aspects of GIPS incorporation in Russia.

Topics to be covered:

  • GIPS incorporation - case study - Russian money manager.
  • How Russian market is structured in terms of GIPS compliance and verification?
  • What’s in it for Russian investment firms?
  • What’s in it for Russian clients (pension funds, insurance firms, institutional clients)?
  • What software is required to create GIPS compliant presentation?
  • How transparent is Russian money management industry? Benchmark issues;

Peter Kadish, CFA, Board Member, CFA Association Russia.


Due to the limited number of seats, registration is required:


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