16 февраля 2012 г.

CFA Conference - Investment Attractiveness of
Investment Funds in Russia

Date: February 16, 2012, 9am-6pm
Venue: Moscow City Conference Center, North Tower
Address: http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CFDJz-l9


CFA Association Russia opens the new 2012 business season with the international Conference on The Investment Attractiveness of Investment Funds in Russia.

This is a unique event, aimed at revealing the potential of investment trusts as an efficient investment tool in Russia.

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Investment funds, which are created on the basis of a pool of assets and then sold to investors as shares (or units) of the fund, are a major investment instrument in Europe (with a volume of 200 billion Euros in Germany alone). In Russia, legislation that provides for similar investment instruments, is still in the stage of development.

Recently, a number of Russian financial institutions (banks, brokerages, investment banks) have been establishing Investment Funds specifically to meet the investment needs of their private Russian clients. This indicates that the market in investment funds looks as if it is beginning to grow. Given the very limited variety of domestic investment vehicles available to the Russian investor, combined with the low yields and increased risks of investing abroad, it is possible that the investment fund market in Russia could expand very rapidly.

A factor of concern to investors in all markets is the quality of the assets held within the funds. Assessing asset quality is the specialization of Scope Rating Agency, which has agreed to discuss its unique approach within the German market.

A number of conferences have been held in Moscow on Closed Investment Funds, but they have typically focused on the legal and tax advantages for the organizers of the funds.

The attractiveness of investment funds for INVESTORS is the focus of this conference. Consequently, it will be of interest to buy-side analysts as well as sell-side organizers wanting to profile the instruments they have created.


Richard Hainsworth, President CFA Association
Peter Gloystein, Chairman of the Board of Scope Group
Aleksei Garyunov, CEO BIN-Finam Asset Management
Dr. Oliver Everling, CEO Rating Evidence
Florian Schoeller, CEO Scope Rating Agency
Dmitry Efimov, CEO RusRating Rating Agency
Andrey Ivanov, Director of Asset Management, BCS
Kendrick D. White, Managing Principal of Marchmont Capital Partners
Alexander Filatov, Director, Marketing and Business Development
Denis Cherkasov, Senior Investment Manager, Rosnano
Vladimir Soloviev, CEO, Raiffeisen Capital
Natalia Plugar, CEO, VTB Asset Management
Anatoly Gavrilenko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, «ALOR»
additional speakers to be confirmed

CURRENT PROGRAM (MSWord file): Investment_Trusts_2012_Program.doc


CFA Association (Russia) is a non-profit organization representing the interests of CFA Charterholders  and CFA candidates based in Russia and the CIS and is a member society of the CFA Institute.

BIN Finam Asset Management Company - investment, asset management and fund management services.

RusRating Agency is an independent national rating agency serving the Russian market since 2001. Its primary service is the assignment of credit ratings to banks, leasing companies, banks bond ratings and analysis of the Banking Sector.

Scope Credit Rating Agency is one of the leading analysis and advisory firms in Germany. Scope rates over 150,000 investments and more than 50 management firms per year in the closed-end fund, open-ended real estate fund and certificate sectors.

Sponsors and co-organizers:

To register, press "Register Now!" button below (or go to http://InvestmentFunds.qrickets.ru/ )

For additional details, please contact Marianna Tsepeleva via e-mail: mariannat@ or phone +7(985)761 31 07.

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