23 августа 2018 г.

After a brief summer break CFA Association Russia started a series of its business breakfasts, regular morning events held by the society to discuss various topics related to the finance sector and provide quality networking opportunities for industry professionals. 

The first business breakfast of the 2018-2019 business season was held on August 22 at the Mazars office, one of CFA Russia’s long-term partners. During the event CFA Russia focused on the topic of private equity. 

Above: Michael Boboshko (on the left) and Adrien Parkinson giving their presentation.

CFA Russia invited Michael Boboshko, Chairman of the NAIMA Hedge Fund Committee and independent consultant, who specializes in the set-up of private equity funds, and Adrien Parkinson, a chief financial officer of UFG Asset Management. The theme has caught the attention of many, with over 40 guests filling up Mazars' meeting room. 

If carried out without right procedures and measures a launch of a private equity firm could be a complicated process with a number of unexpected hurdles. During their presentation, Michael and Adrien discussed some of these issues. The speakers also talked about their own experience, giving a few suggestions and pin-pointing the ins and outs of properly setting up a private equity firm.

Michael, in particular, spoke about the importance of following a to-do checklist. The so-called private equity pre-launch "term sheet" has ten points, which range from a fund's investment period, management fees to a NAV cycle. Then, depending on one’s objectives and preferences it is crucial to pick the right jurisdiction for a fund. Currently, the Cayman Islands and the state of Delaware are two most popular places for setting up private equity funds with 61 percent of business entrepreneurs opting to base their firms in these two places, Michael said.

With guests eager to ask questions and participate in the conversation, the presentation eventually turned into a two-way discussion. A full video from the event is available to all CFA Russia members. If you’re interested in joining the local society and get full access to videos from all the previous events, please feel free to contact CFA Association Russia at office@cfarussia.ru.

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