2 февраля 2018 г.

Most people in Russia might not be aware of equity investment and only a small percentage of the population actively trades in stock exchanges; however, with the help of CFA Association Russia and its long-time partner, Moscow Exchange, the situation is gradually changing.

On the first day of February, Moscow Exchange held the official award ceremony of the annual competition of brokers and investors, called the Best Private Investor. The event took place at the Izvestia Hall building and gathered around 650 investors of all sorts. To bring some fun into the workplace, the organizers made the event in the theme of Russian fairytales with characters, like Baba-Yaga and bogatyrs, playing with guests.

The competition itself ended in late December of 2017 and last night, the winners were officially recognized. In 2017, 4862 individuals participated in the tournament, gathering over 8-billion rubles (USD $142-million) in total financial assets, which was almost 20 percent more than the year before.

CFA Association Russia worked closely with Moscow Exchange during the Best Private Investor competition. Anton Shpuntov, a member of CFA Russia’s board of directors, was part of the organizers’ committee. Together with other experts, Anton came up with criteria to judge not only overall returns on investment, but also the quality of asset management.

During the award night, Anton gave a congratulatory speech in front of an audience, recognizing the importance of a high quality asset management.

“A high quality asset management is one of the key factors in trading. CFA Association Russia and CFA Institute put a great emphasis on the quality of asset management, as well as on integrity and the highest standards of professional ethics. Trading isn’t only about generating more overall profits, but having high quality and low-risk investments, especially when it comes to managing large sums of money,” Anton said before recognizing a trader with the nickname damian1 as the winner in this category.

CFA Association Russia believes that ethics should be a key factor in the finance profession. It’s important to gain public trust, as it would bring in more investors, which, in turn, increase the number of trades and help the economy. Although a variety of investment strategies and risks associated with them will create winners and losers in the trading game, the important thing is to create a fair set of rules and the environment of trust. 

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