12 декабря 2017 г.

For new CFA charterholders December is the time of recognizing their hard work and dedication. CFA Association Russia held the 2017 Charter Awards Ceremony on December 11, highlighting the accomplishments of all CFA charterholders and welcoming new members its growing community.

The celebratory event took place at Moscow Exchange, CFA Russia’s long-time partner. This year, CFA Russia welcomed 112 new members, who have attained the CFA charter in 2017.

Neil Withers, President of CFA Russia, and Vladimir Tutkevich, CFA Russia’s executive director, opened the evening with a welcoming speech.

“With over 100 new charters to be granted tonight, you will join over 500 existing members of CFA Russia. Collectively, we’re a force to contribute to an improvement of Russia’s capital markets,” said Neil.

Above: Neil Withers, President of CFA Russia

Following Neil’s words, George Spentzos, a member of CFA Institute’s Board of Governors who was invited to the event as a special guest, addressed an audience. George talked about the importance of the CFA charter in today’s world and highlighted the role of professional ethics, as one of the key drivers of development in finance.

As new charterholders became part of a growing global society of professionals, the guest speaker emphasized that the CFA charter isn’t only about a career growth and making more money, but also about adding value to a community.

Above: George Spentzos, a member of CFA Institute's Board of Directors

“We need leadership from all of you, as you’re a new generation of financial professionals. We need more people who are driven by the mission of CFA Institute… We need to earn trust of investors, so everyone can benefit,” George said during his speech.

The member of CFA Institute’s Board of Governors was also impressed by the gender diversity among new charterholders. Indeed, CFA Russia has seen a steady increase in the number of female charterholders over the past several years.

Along with the ceremonial handout of certificates to new charterholders, CFA Russia also presented its 2017 Annual Ethics Award to Alexander Afanasiev, Chairman of the Executive Board at Moscow Exchange. The award recognized Alexander’s work and his demonstration of the highest standards of ethical behavior in the Russian finance market.

As usual, following the official part, the Charter Awards Ceremony turned into a more casual stream becoming a great networking opportunity for everyone. 

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