15 ноября 2017 г.

Knowing that financial markets cannot effectively function without a high level of ethics and professional code of conduct, CFA Association Russia continues to spread the ideas of ethical behavior in the finance industry.

Last week, the association invited Michael McMillan, CFA, PhD, the director of Ethics and Professional Standards at CFA Institute, to talk about the importance of ethics in finance. Lectures were held at three Russian universities, the Higher School of Economics, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and Moscow State University.

Due to their ambiguous nature, ethics can be confusing. Sometimes, honest professionals can make unethical decisions without even knowing it. To be able to effectively navigate through complex situations, which require a deep understanding of professional ethics, a proper training should be conducted. And that’s exactly why Michael McMillan spent several days in Moscow last week.

CFA Institute’s ethics chief also trained two local CFA Russia members, Ivan Belyaev and Yana Tsyganova, who assisted McMillan during the lectures in Moscow. The idea is, from now on, Ivan and Yana will inherit the mantle and teach ethics classes in other Russian universities.

Last month, CFA Association Russia launched a new Ethics Quiz for students and young professionals. It was the first time professional ethics were brought to the forefront of students’ education in Russia. For Russian students, an ethics course was a new thing, but CFA Association Russia believes it’s crucial for the young generation of professionals to learn the moral principles of the financial industry, and that a better understanding of ethics will improve the overall functioning of the Russian economy in the future.

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