31 октября 2017 г.

This past weekend, CFA Association Russia held a new training specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of bank managers and investment analysts. Two experts in crisis management, Evgeniy Ivkin and Roman Tarasenko, taught the course focused on the specifics of quantitative and qualitative analysis of companies in distress.

Banks and other credit lenders ought to be careful who they give their money to, especially during a recession when companies may be facing tough financial times. Trying to make profits, some managers might be trying to manipulate financial statements by “massaging” data. In other situations, a simple mistake by a junior analyst could spoil a report and lead to undesirable consequences.

CFA Russia’s new training aims to combine the analysis of financial statements, various financial data, and, most importantly, thoughts behind the decisions of top managers responsible for producing financial information. The course helps analysts to stay on their toes and find out which companies could likely to be under financial distress and turn into non-paying clients.

A methodology developed by the CFA Russia instructors was discussed and successfully implemented at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as several leading banks.

The same course will be offered again on November 25 and 26. If you or your colleagues are interested in the theme of credit analysis make sure to check out CFA Russia's upcoming trainings with Evgeniy Ivkin and Roman Tarasenko.

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