1 марта 2017 г.

CFA Association Russia held its Annual General Meeting with all active members of the CFA community on February 21.

Neil Withers, President of CFA Russia, began the meeting with a short introductory speech, thanked everyone for showing up, and proceeded with the meeting’s formal agenda.

A new Board of Directors was acclaimed, without dissent, by the members present at the meeting. In 2017, the Board of Directors has 14 members, including two newcomers – Boris Tawakkoli and Alexander Gorshenin. One can find the biographies of all board members and their statements of intent here. The new board consists of the following members:


  • Neil Withers, CFA, CFA Association Russia, President
  • Alexander Gorshenin, CFA, OJSC TPS Real Estate
  • Anton Shpuntov, CFA, Interros
  • Boris Tawakkoli, CFA, MosFirst LLC
  • Denis Sitnikov, CFA, Quantum Consulting
  • Dmitry Ryabykh, CFA, Alt-Invest Group
  • Ivan Belyaev, CFA, Sberbank CIB
  • Maria Kharlashkina, CFA, Moscow Exchange Group
  • Marina Shestakova, CFA, CAIA, Wermuth Asset Management
  • Natalia Kolupaeva, Raiffeisenbank
  • Scott Rose, CFA, Bloomberg (Moscow)
  • Sofya Donets, CFA, the Central Bank of Russia
  • Vladimir Potapov, CFA, VTB Capital Asset Management
  • Vladimir Tutkevich, CFA Association Russia, CEO

CFA Russia’s president also thanked Natalia Sorokina and Gokce Tezel, who are no longer board members, for their service.


Afterwards, Neil gave a presentation, focusing on the current state of the association and its strategic priorities in 2017. At this moment, CFA Russia plans to focus on the following areas:

  • Membership value and its renewal rate
  • The outreach program to regions
  • Education
  • Community and advocacy
  • Media and impact on the financial community
  • The CFA Institute Research Challenge: growth and learning


In 2016, CFA Russia’s Board of Directors worked more actively and productively, meeting over 10-times throughout the year. The board maintained quorum during all its meetings and became an efficient strategic management body with a clear vision and strategic priorities. The new Board of Directors hopes this positive tendency will continue in 2017 and onwards.




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