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13 февраля 2017 г.

While the team of graders is marking final reports, students competing at the 2016-2017 Russian stage of CFA Institute Research Challenge students were making videos of their presentations based on their reports. The purpose of videos is to demonstrate that students are able to present their financial reports in front of the panel of judges during the local stage finals, scheduled for early March.

Out of 17 teams that submitted their final reports a couple of weeks ago, 13 managed to make the videos of their presentations.

Although the videos will have no effect on a final score, teams that failed to submit videos would not advance to the finals. Furthermore, teams that show poor content knowledge of their financial reports in the videos, and the lack of team work and communication, won’t be allowed in the finals as well.

Below is one of the videos from the last year competition:

This year’s subject company, the Moscow Exchange (MoEx), proved to be a hard company to analyze and not everyone made it to the end. Out of 44 teams that registered for the 2016-2017 Research Challenge, 13 teams are currently left in the competition.

This goes to show that the CFA Institute Research Challenge is a tough competition and participants need to show not only their knowledge of a financial analysis, but also other valuable skills, such as determination, team work, and communication skills.

On February 24, the list of six finalists will be announced. These teams will be invited to take part in the finals of the Russian stage of the competition at the beginning of March.


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