11 января 2017 г.

As the January 30 deadline of a final report submission is coming up, CFA Russia organized a calibration process for all prospective report graders.

The calibration process is CFA Russia’s own approach that ensures student reports receive similar scoring regardless of who marks them. By standardizing the scoring process of final reports at the local stage of Research Challenge, the educational committee of CFA Russia makes sure the marks of graders are consistent with each other and aligned with standards upon which scoring criteria is based.

In the past, the educational committee noticed some discrepancies in scoring, when a few graders would give an unusually high or low mark than the rest of graders. Sometimes, grades were too strict; at other times, a bit too soft. In addition, CFA Russia realized there can be potential biases and prejudices that some graders may have when scoring the reports of certain university teams.

To eliminate all of this, the calibration process became the important tool of bringing the local Research Challenge scoring system to the next level. The calibration method, coupled with the system of anonymity that assigns each team with a code letter, guarantees that all reports are graded in the most objective way possible. 


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