15 марта 2016 г.


Business Breakfast: Relations with the tax authorities and what can taxpayers in different fields of economics and investment expect?


On Tuesday, March 15 at the Kazan Bar on Tsvetnoy Boulevard a business breakfast was held on the theme “Relations with the tax authorities: what can taxpayers in different fields of economics and investment expect?” The event was organized by the CFA Association (Russia) and PwC (Russia).

“Unlike in years past, the changes that are happening today in tax practices are fundamental ones,” said Andrei Chernenko, director of the department for tax function effectiveness at PwC (Russia), as he opened the business portion of the breakfast. “This involves both the adoption of new laws as well as the very way in which taxpayers interact with regulators.”

Darya Tkachova, a senior consultant in the department for tax function effectiveness at PwC (Russia), spoke about the new methods for filing and processing VAT returns. “Today everything is done in electronic form,” she noted. “This allows tax authorities to automatically track the chain of buyers and sellers and identify any discrepancies at a given stage.”

The meeting also dealt with de-offshoring and the changes in tax legislation related to it. The participants in the discussion dedicated a significant portion of the breakfast to the tax monitoring practices of today, which were designed to replace the traditional on-site inspections. “Tax monitoring allows companies to build a more transparent and trustful relationship with the tax authorities,” Andrei Chernenko claims. “Furthermore, a company’s image plays no small role here. In spite of the expense that comes from implementing these practices, they generally are positive for the taxpayers. "

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