16 марта 2016 г.


Annual General Meeting of CFA Association Russia

The Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors and active members of CFA Association (Russia) was held at the Sberbank office at Romanov Dvor on March 16, 2015.

After the accepting the agenda Vladimir Tutkevich shared with attendees the association's main areas of focus:

  1. CFA charterholders
  2. Candidates
  3. Students (future professionals)

It is highly appreciated that during the last 2–3 years, the Board of Directors has been working more actively and productively – the majority of the ideas were developed during the monthly meetings.

Vladimir presented the financial report and the Board has to decide about candidates for treasurer of the association as well as using several banks for Association accounts.

A new Board of Directors was announced at the event. In addition, Neil thanked Alex Teplitsky and Olga Zagvozdkina, who are no longer board members.

This year the Board consist of 11 active members (plus four newcomers):

  1. Ivan Belyaev
  2. Marina Kharlashkina
  3. Dmitriy Ryabykh
  4. Marina Shestakova
  5. Sitnikov Denis
  6. Natalia Sorokina
  7. Anton Shpuntov
  8. Gokce Tezel
  9. Vladimir Tutkevich
  10. Neil Withers

Furthermore, the event welcomed four new members: Sofia Donets, Vladimir Potapov, Scott Rose, Natalya Kolupaeva.

A biography of each member can be found here.

Together, the participants summarized the results of 2015 and discussed their ideas and plans for the coming year.

Ivan Belyaev started by presenting the lobbying of investment community interests, increasing awareness of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics, and promoting of GIPS standards in Russia (together with Peter Kadish). Sofia supported Ivan in the development of ethical standards, and she would like to be engaged in educational projects as well. Maria Kharlashkina intends to continue with the corporate relations committee, and she is interested in cooperation with the Financial University as well as with the regions (in cities where the Moscow Exchange has a representation). Natalya Kolupaeva along with Scott Rose will be involved in PR and media companies.

In addition to this, Dmitry Ryabykh presented the "CFA Educational Strategy", which addresses educational activities, such as cooperation and partnerships with universities, events and business meetings with leading experts from various fields, workshops, lectures, student competitions, webinars, and online broadcasts. We are to do some activities every week. Last year we implemented recording each event on video for posting on our website (in the future), which will increase interest and visitor traffic. The presentation can be seen here.

Anton Shpuntov started by proposing ways to increase the perceived value of the CFA Charter:

  • Promotion of the prestigious image and professional value of CFA charters among students from different Russian cities.
  • Providing participants with access to international CFA networks and opportunities for cooperation with other certified experts, along with creation of an in-house professional community.
  • Collaboration with universities in raising awareness of CFA programs with the goal of increasing the number of candidates interested in enhancing their professional skills and reputation through the CFA Charter.
  • Working with human resources managers and recruiters using meetings on various themes, career days, and trainings.
  • In addition, Marina Shestakova talked about her involvement in IRC this year, education programs and events. 

    During his turn to speak, Neil mentioned that he has served as a Director for 3 years already and the main aims in these years have been:

    • First year: Board of Directors to be more involved
    • Second year: Members to be more involved
    • Third year: Society to be more involved
    At the end of the meeting Neil and Vladimir briefly presented a report on events in the nearest future and the 2nd quarter of 2016:

    Business Breakfast on Real Estate (March 27)

    Forecast Dinner (April 7)

    Workshop on Project Management (May)

    SPIEF – Paul Smith CFO CEO (June)

    Mock Exam (June)

    Award Ceremony: Charters, CE, Ethics (November)

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