26 января 2022 г.

In 2021, CFA Russia Society started building up on its previous year's success with financial literacy video tutorials that were filmed for school children. This time, live financial literacy courses and intensive sessions were taken to small towns across the European part of Russia where orphan teenagers live without parents and prepare to join the society.
Upon graduation, they are provided by the government with financial means and even some real-estate property, so their tutors need to make sure their students are well prepared to eventually leave the safe environment. 
Over two dozen CFA members volunteered to participate in the financial literacy project over 2021-2022. They were instructed to run a dedicated financial literacy course for orphan teenagers. A group of psychologists supported by local charities developed the program, and our partners from Sberbank, Russia's largest commercial bank, helped us establish relations with a dozen orphanages to be visited until Summer 2022. Four of them have already welcomed our teams of three to four volunteers at least once. Each orphanage is to be visited at least four times throughout the year 2022.

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