27 августа 2020 г.

Following a short summer break, CFA Association Russia has resumed its activities. Due to the COVID-19 measures in the country, all events are still held online.

On August 25, CFA Russia invited Anastasia Glebova, founder of the recruitment agency S.M.Art. The speaker gave a presentation on the labor market in the finance industry during these rickety, recession-hit times.

Following the pandemic earlier this year, things have gone awry on many levels. Many lost their jobs and those fortunate, who didn’t, worked or are still working remotely. Economies around the world have shrunk; what is worse, nobody knows how long all of this will continue.

Under such circumstances, job-seeking has become harder than ever. This isn’t just an economic recession, this time around job-seekers have other obstacles to overcome. Some employers have put a hiring freeze, others are cautious about hiring new workers remotely or expanding teams, Anastasia explained.

Nevertheless, things aren’t all that gloomy. One positive thing is that interviewing and hiring have become a lot faster thanks to the popularity of video-conferencing.

“Before the pandemic, coordinating interviews used to take us at least two or three weeks. Now we can run through this process in a few days thanks to Zoom,” Anastasia said.

Everyone is getting used to Zoom and working remotely. What many thought was impossible before has proved to be wrong. While companies are starting to bring their staff back to the office, not all workers are thrilled about it.

“People are incredibly adaptable and already gotten used to working from home, seeing their families longer and not wasting time commuting,” the speaker said.

Anastasia added that some companies tried to capitalize on that and wanted to cut salaries by some 15-20%, arguing that since people are working from home, they no longer need to spend on transportation and lunch. This idea wasn’t met with enthusiasm of course and most companies backed out from the idea.

Finally, Anastasia gave advice on how to increase one’s chances to find a new job in today’s market. To watch a full video of Anastasia’s presentation, as well as gain unlimited access to all videos from our previous events and seminars, consider joining the society using this link.


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