2 апреля 2020 г.

Despite the ongoing quarantine measures across the country, CFA Association Russia held its Annual General Meeting 2020 with all active members of the CFA community on April 2 using the Zoom video conferencing service.

Around 35 CFA Russia members and current board of directors gathered online to elect the society’s new president, three new members to the board of directors, review existing policies and plan future action. 

Dmitry Ryabykh, President of CFA Russia, began the meeting with a short introductory speech, thanked everyone for their work and celebrated some of the highlights of the past year, including CFA Russia’s successful launch of the entire CFA Level 1 Exam curriculum on the society’s online learning platform, the victory of students from Moscow State University at the 2019-2020 CFA Institute Research Challenge EMEA Regional final, and a successful joint-project with the Bank of Russia to create the Russian investment community’s own code of ethics based on the CFA Institute Standards of Practice Handbook.

On his final note, Dmitry announced that he was stepping down as the President of CFA Russia and suggested Maria Kharlashkina as his successor. The board of directors voted in favor of Maria's candidacy for the post and she became the new president of CFA Russia.

“My two-year presidential term has ended and I’m stepping down from my position. I’m happy to nominate Maria Kharlashkina, our long-time colleague and active board member, who will serve as the next president of CFA Association Russia,” Dmitry said before passing the floor to Maria.

Above: Maria Kharlashkina, President of CFA Association Russia

“Over these two years Dmitry has done so much for the society. I’d like to point out especially the successful project with the Bank of Russia… I’m very happy to be in this position and hope to have your support and advice during my presidency,” Maria said.

The new president then introduced three new members of the board of directors: 

1. Ilya Gurov, CFA, CFO of Capital Railcar Repair Company. Ilya said he’d be happy to work with educational activities and help organize more social and networking events.

2. Anton Ryzhikov, CIPM, a Rosbank analyst. Anton has been involved with the society’s GIPS committee for many years and said he’ll continue working in this direction.

3. Aliaksandr Melnikau, CFA, Project Director at Sberbank. Aliaksandr showed his interest in improving CFA Russia’s marketing activities and the overall digital strategy.

The president also thanked Denis Sitnikov, Igor Lotakov and Elena Jouronova, who are no longer board members, for their service.

The meeting proceeded with Alexander Gorshenin, the society’s Membership chair, who gave insights about membership issues. He pointed out some of the positive trends, such as the decreasing gender gap and high enrollment rates among those who passed the CFA exam, as well as discussed some of the challenges and how the board of directors could address them.

The presentation on the society’s financial statements concluded the meeting. Anton Shpuntov, a treasurer, highlighted the financials. Overall, last year was pretty good – the society managed to increase the sales of in-class trainings and received extra revenues from CFA Institute. 

A new list of CFA Russia’s Board of Directors for 2020 is the following:

Alexander Gorshenin

Aliaksandr Melnikau

Alina Kosunova

Anton Ryzhikov

Anton Shpuntov

Boris Tawakkoli

Dmitry Ryabykh

Ilya Gurov

Neil Withers

Maria Kharlashkina, President

Marina Shestakova, Vice-President

Vladimir Potapov

Vladimir Tutkevich


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