17 марта 2020 г.

In solidarity with the self-isolating practices, CFA Association Russia moved its operations to an online format. Two weeks ago, CFA Russia launched a series of online webinars, inviting speakers to give presentations from their homes.

On March 17, the association invited Anastasia Glebova, founder of the recruiting agency SMART, who held a webinar on the situation in the finance industry labor market during the times of trouble caused by the coronavirus pandemic and economic recession.

“We are going to be fine,” Anastasia encouraged everyone from the get-go.

Despite the situation, many companies in the finance industry are, in fact, actively hiring. According to the speaker, the most in demand jobs in 2020 are IT specialists, credit and investment analysts, corporate relationship managers and sales representatives.

To be fair, however, not all employees are equally active in the labor market. Anastasia pointed out that the most active employees at this point are large government-backed banks, such as Sberbank and VTB, international banks and investment funds.

Interestingly, if several years ago ambitious finance professionals preferred working for local branches of global banks, now things have changed and many seek to work for large Russian banks. The latter have not only improved compensation packages, but also became more stable organizations to work for.

On a final note, Anastasia shared advice on how to be more effective when looking for a job. There are a few things that jobseekers should absolutely avoid doing. At the same time, little hints that the speaker mentioned would make a jobseeker to stand out among other candidates.

To find out these and other lifehacks on how to job hunt more effectively during these times, watch a full recording of the webinar via this link. Members of CFA Association Russia have access to all videos. Consider joining CFA Russia to gain unlimited access to all our previous videos.

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