21 декабря 2018 г.

The members of CFA Association Russia are a diverse group of professionals who came together with the common idea of a constant professional development and the highest standards of ethics. Most of us wondered what does it take to become a CFA charterholder, who are these people and where can one’s career take after passing all three levels of the exams. 

Among our 625 active members there are professionals living in Kazakhstan, Armenia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Belarus and several other countries around the world. However, the vast majority of CFA Russia members live in Moscow with St. Petersburg coming in second.

When it comes to age, the average is 36.6, a slight increase from 34.4 in 2013. The two largest age groups are those between the ages of 31-35 and 36-40, comprising 60 percent of all the members. 

Then comes the age group 26-30 (almost 17 percent) followed by the 41-45 cohort (13.2 percent). The three youngest members are between 21-25 years old, while the one most senior and experienced member is older than 65.

Similar to other societies around the world, CFA Russia members are predominantly men (84 percent). On the bright side, however, the gender balance is slowly beginning to shift with more women becoming charterholders than before. Five years ago, women comprised 14 percent of members, today the number rose by 2 percent. The number of female charterholders is expected to increase in the near future, as around 25 percent of all CFA candidates in Russia this year were women.

The five largest employers of our members are Sberbank, VTB Group, EY, Gazprombank and KPMG. Close to 20 percent of all the members work as financial analysts, 15 percent manage portfolios and around 14 percent are consultants. In terms of primary investment practice, almost 35 percent work with equities, one in four are in fixed income.

So statistically speaking, the typical CFA Russia member is a 36-year old man, who lives in Moscow and works as an equity analyst at Sberbank.

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