14 декабря 2018 г.

December is the time when CFA Association Russia celebrates the achievements of new charterholders, who successfully passed the CFA Level 3 exam this summer and joined the local community of financial professionals.

This year, 134 new charterholders joined CFA Russia. To celebrate this and welcome them into the community, CFA Association Russia held the 2018 Charter Awards ceremony on December 12 at Moscow Exchange.

As per usual, current president of CFA Association Russia, Dmitry Ryabykh, opened the night with a welcome speech, highlighting the importance of getting the CFA charter and how it will inevitably boost the careers of new CFA charterholders.

Above: Dmitry Ryabykh, CFA, President of CFA Association Russia

Prior to the ceremonial giveaway of CFA charters, CFA Association Russia also presented the 2018 Annual Ethics Award. Every year, CFA Russia recognizes someone from the local financial market, who according to the organization’s nomination committee and the board of directors, showed the highest standards of professional ethics and acted with diligence and integrity within his or her profession.

This year, the award went to Ksenia Yudaeva, the First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia.

“Ksenia has done a good job developing the Russian financial market and making it more mature and trustworthy,” said Dmitry Ryabykh.

As Ksenia, unfortunately, was not able to attend the event herself, she sent her colleague, Vladimir Markelov, CFA, to receive the award and give a short thank you speech on her behalf.

Above: Vladimir Markelov, CFA, Deputy Director of Bank Supervision Department at the Central Bank of Russia

“We, at the Central Bank, put a big emphasis on professional ethics, as it makes investors more confident and improves the market efficiency. It also improves the corporate culture, certainly at the Central Bank,” Vladimir said after receiving Ksenia’s award.

After presenting the Ethics Award, the main event of the evening – the handing out of the CFA certificates to new charterholders – began. Maxim Lapin, the CFO of Moscow Exchange, was invited to give out the certificates to all new charterholders.

“What all of you have done to obtain the CFA charter is amazing. You should be really proud of that. I think the CFA is the hardest exam in finance and everyone who has it will have a big advantage in today’s market,” said Maxim during his short speech.

Following the official part, the event turned into a more stream with the new charterholders sharing their experiences and joy with each other, as well as getting an opportunity to network with their colleagues.

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