Position: Senior Investment Analyst

Looking for a Senior / Investment Analyst, where you will be at the forefront of the tech industry, leveraging your expertise to analyze trends, companies, and market dynamics. This role is ideal for those passionate about strategic consulting and investment, offering the opportunity to work on complex projects for large corporations and contribute significantly to sourcing new investment opportunities.


Key Responsibilities:

∙ Conduct in-depth analysis of the technology sector, identifying emerging trends, and evaluating company performances.

∙ Engage in strategic consulting projects, providing valuable insights and recommendations to enhance business strategies.

∙ Create compelling presentations, pitch books, informational memoranda, and other key materials to support business development and client engagement efforts.

∙ Develop sophisticated financial models and perform comprehensive company valuations from the ground up.

∙ Proactively research and source potential deals and new client or investment opportunities, contributing to the firm's growth and success.

∙ Participate in and contribute to complex investment consulting projects, offering solutions and strategies to large corporations.



∙ A minimum of 1-2 years of relevant experience in private equity, family offices, or investment banking.

∙ A degree from a top-ranked university, with a preference for majors in Mathematics, Physics, or Economics.

∙ A CFA designation or completion of other relevant financial courses is highly desirable.

∙ Experience in the technology sector is advantageous, highlighting a keen understanding of market dynamics and innovation trends.

∙ Demonstrated proficiency in financial modeling and presentation preparation, with strong attention to detail and accuracy.

∙ Fluent in English, both written and spoken, with excellent communication skills.


Contact info:


+7 903 183 28 04

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