Position: Senior Investment Analyst 
Employer: Investment Fund
Main responsibilities:
•  Extensive financial modeling to support potential investment decisions;
•  Preparation of presentation materials (executive summaries, teasers, etc.) and deal documents (TS, SPA, etc.), transaction structuring;
•  Participation in due diligence, communication with targets and advisers;
•  Participating in the portfolio companies key processes, including finance/strategy/corporate governance;
•  Assisting the team with internal reporting.
Main requirements:
•  University degree in Finance / Economics / Mathematics;
•  At least 2+ of relevant experience in Valuation/CorFin BIG4, IB, PE, VC, M&A boutique;
•  Strong financial modelling skills;
•  Participation in CFA program as a plus;
•  Fluency in English and Russian;
•  High motivated, ambitious; strong analytical skills; team player, results-oriented.
Contacts: Consultant: Polina Muraviova
+7 903 183 28 04 protalentlab.com

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