CFA Exam Level I Withdrawal Option

CFA Institute only offers a withdrawal option for Level I candidates. There are no withdrawal options for Levels II and III.

The CFA exams are paper-and-pencil which require a full day of testing. We reserve and pay for test center space, equipment, furniture, support services, and exam printing and shipping based on paid registrations. All test centers have limited seating. When a candidate wishes to defer from one exam to the next, his/her space at the test center cannot be filled by another candidate. Therefore, we cannot offer deferrals.

The Level I withdrawal form must be received by CFA Institute by the deadline date listed on the form. Late withdrawal forms will not be processed or returned. If you do not withdraw by the deadline, you will not be able to re-register for the next Level I exam until Level I results for the current exam have been released (approximately 60 days after the exam date).

As a re-registering candidate, an additional program enrollment fee is not necessary; however, you arerequired to pay an exam registration fee for each exam as determined by the fee schedule.

  • You cannot defer registration fees from one exam to the next.
  • You will not receive any refund of fees.
  • You may only be registered for one exam at any time.
  • Registration forms must be received by CFA Institute no later than the final registration deadline for that exam.
  • The curriculum and suggested readings will change from year to year and the exam is based on the curriculum assigned that year. The Level I curriculum does not change from June to December.
  • Even after submitting your withdrawal form, you will be unable to register online until your withdrawal has been processed. Please allow 7-14 days for processing.
  • Once processed, withdrawals will not be reversed.

Once your withdrawal has been processed, another registration and another online registration fee must be submitted if you want to re-register for the original exam. CFA Institute will not accept registrations submitted after the published deadlines. After you receive e-mail confirmation of your withdrawal being processed, you may register online for an upcoming exam.

CFA Level I Exam Withdrawal Request Forms

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