May my employer verify the status of my application?

CFA Institute may only verify for an employer the receipt of any recent payments the employer has made on your behalf. All other information is confidential. Candidates must contact CFA Institute directly for further assistance.

Are there guidelines for using the CFA designation?

Yes, please see the Guide for Use of CFA Institute Marks for complete information on properly using the CFA designation.

I passed the Level III exam, but I am an affiliate member and not eligible for the CFA charter. What are my next steps?

You must become a regular member of CFA Institute to qualify for award of the CFA charter. After you have accrued 48 months of qualifying work experience,you may apply for regular membership by logging into your account and accessing Manage Member and Society Applications.

Will CFA Institute notify my employer that I have been awarded the CFA charter?

CFA Institute does not notify your employer directly, but along with your confirmation letter you will receive a letter for your employer.

How will my name be printed on the CFA charter?

Your name will be printed as it appears in your CFA Institute online profile. Prefixes (Mr., Ms., Miss, Mrs., Dr.) and other designations are not printed on the charter. If you want your name printed differently, please submit theIdentification Information Change Request (PDF) prior to the award of your charter.

When will I receive my CFA charter?

If your society is hosting a charter recognition event between 1 September and 31 January, you will be invited to receive your charter at the event. Otherwise, your charter will be mailed to your primary address within 12 weeks of the date that you complete all requirements for the charter.

How does the CIPM Program differ from the CFA Program? 

The CFA Program is a generalist study and exam program for investment professionals, anchored by a practice-based curriculum and focused on the knowledge essential to the investment decision-making process. The study material is generally equivalent to graduate-level coursework and includes ethical and professional standards; quantitative methods; economics; financial statement analysis; corporate finance; the analysis of equity, debt, derivatives, and alternative investments; and portfolio management. CFA candidates’ mastery of the body of knowledge is tested in three six-hour exams.

The CIPM Program is a specialist study and exam program for investment performance professionals. The candidate body of knowledge includes professional ethics; performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal; and the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). CIPM candidates’ mastery of the pertinent body of knowledge is tested in two three-hour exams.

Where is the CFA designation from CFA Institute recognized?

The CFA designation is recognized everywhere. In addition, several countries have recognized the quality of our CFA Program and designation by allowing passage of Level I of the exam or achievement of the CFA charter to meet certain licensing or qualification requirements. Learn more about the global recognition of all our educational programs.

How do the Claritas Program, the CFA Program and the CIPM Program compare?

The CFA Program is a globally recognized, graduate level curriculum that provides a foundation of real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills. It's designed for industry participants who are accumulating or have obtained at least four years of experience in analyzing and making investment decisions. Learn more about the CFA Program.

The CIPM Program is a specialist study and exam program for investment performance professionals. The candidate body of knowledge includes professional ethics; performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal; manager search and selection, and the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Learn more about the CIPM Program.

The Claritas Program is designed for financial service industry participants who work in association with investment decision makers and who may not have any formal investment industry training.  The certificate provides individuals with a fundamental understanding of the investment industry. Learn more about the Claritas Program.

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