2021/03/23 Live Webcast - Clash of Empires, China's global, financial and monetary strategy

March 23, 7.00 PM (MSK), Live Webcast "Clash of Empires: China's global, financial and monetary strategy"

As the US expands its deficits to pay for pandemic relief, emerging economies that use the US dollar for reserve backing have reasons to fret. China is being incentivized to accelerate development of the renminbi as both an international standard and store of value. Charles Gave and Louis-Vincent Gave will discuss the current situation of the US dollar, inflation, gold and how the renminbi internationalization may unfold. 

  • China's global, financial and monetary strategy
  • The rise of the renmimbi
  • The return of inflation
  • Current perspectives for Gold

Gavekal is one of the world's leading independent providers of global investment research. It also advises a select range of funds and offers software solutions for the financial community. Gavekal has over 800 institutional clients around the world, including financial institutions and asset managers, major corporations, and government agencies. Our analysis aims to be provocative, engaging, and firmly grounded in data. We have no 'house view,' but encourage lively debate among our partners and analysts, and are not afraid to air our internal debates to our clients. 

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Preview - Clash of Empires: China's global, financial and monetary strategy

Full video - Clash of Empires: China's global, financial and monetary strategy

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